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Make Zombies Great Again is the beer pong of zombie shooters. Join Butch and Pedro, two unlikely bedfellows, as they embark on a journey through zombie infested neighborhoods in search of glory, honor and diapers! Only a few days into the zombie outbreak some hold out hope while others are adjusting to their new reality. Butch returns home one evening in a drunken stupor only to realize he forgot to get diapers while he was out. Determined to keep his wife happy at any cost, he sets out to get diapers before the sun rises with his companion Pedro in tow.

  • Classic FPS with a variety of weapons to choose from; explore the open map to find some of the most powerful weapons available!
  • Destroy hordes of zombies, or try to use stealth to avoid them.
  • Practice noise and light discipline; zombies aren’t as stupid as you hope.
  • Learn to correctly manage your beer intake, because too much or too little has consequences.

Butch is socially and culturally ignorant patriotic American with a substandard education, loyal husband and loving father. His love of adventure and beer lead to some questionable choices. Butch’s companion Pedro is a Mexican immigrant running a quasi-successful landscaping business out of his 5th wheel trailer parked in Butch’s driveway. Filled with dry satire and witty one-liners that’ll tickle your inner teenager, this game is not for the faint of heart, thinned skinned or minors.